i made a scratches in my pants while playing lions.

Lucy and my grandpa dressing up.

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Lucy putting on chapstick.


i was pretending to be afraid of mommy at my grandma’s house. it was funny.

i love my cousins. they are kate and mae. and the other one is my sister susan. i love them.

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when i started school

W hen i started school i was glad and happy but scared. I did not know anyone but my teacher.

(Mom writing: here are some pictures from our trip to the Grand Canyon and the Mesa, AZ Temple Easter Pageant)




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day at the zoo

when we went to the zoo i got to play on the playground. i got on A pretend spiderweb! i love penguins. i saw penguins at the zoo. we saw a lot of animals at the zoo.

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allie’s birthday.

on march 2 is Allie’s birthday!that is my pet is so pretty in my room where it was.the praty was grat.

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my sister.


when i was 7, my sister had to get stitches! do you want to hear about it. Okay me and my sister was siting on the back of the couch when I jumped into the back of the couch by the wall. My sister did the same only she hit her ran her to the hospital. she got 8 stitches.

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Summer of the Sea Serpent

Summer of the Sea Serpent (Magic Tree House #31)

Rating: 5 out of 5

Author: Mary Pope Osborne

Year: 2004

Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 0375827358

I loved the part when they changed into seals.The book was great.I also loved it when they showed a picture of a Sea Serpent.

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my apartment.

I live in a is small and noisy.I think it is messy!but i love apartment number is 41.

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my family.

in my family are lucy,mom,dad,callie and me.I love them very much.they spend a Iot of time with me.I donot like it when they do mean stuff to me.

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my birthday party.

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my birthday party was so much fun!I got a lot of mom made a Hello kitty cake. I truned birthday is january 29.I love my birthday’s

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my teacher.

my teacher is so nice she teaches me so much. I love her so much and she loves me. my favorite thing in school is recess. I love school. my teacher’s name is mrs.machol.dscn1116-medium.JPG

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