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we are moveing. I like our house it is pretty.i sleep in the loft.we each have our own room.except mom and dad.i miss my friends.

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school is great.i love it . school is very long .once mom didn’t come for a long time .my  friend called her . i was so happy.i love school!

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i need more books!

i  have read all the harry potter books.i need more BOOKS! my favorite kind of book is mystery books .i love books.

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i love books!

books are my most favorite thing.i love mysteries because they are funny and of the books are the a to z mysteries.dink,josh and ruth rose are so c.o.o.l! i love books.

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harry potter.

harry.JPGi  have read harry  potter  1  to  4. i am  on  4 ,harry potter  and  the goblet  of  fire.i  love harry  potter  books,  and  i  like  harry  potter.harry potter goblet of fire

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this is me and my sisters.i love them very much.


this is Susan.


and is spot. i love my sisters.

we are cool. we play together,we eat together, we sleep and my sisters.

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mrs. machol

Mrs. Machol was my first grade teacher.I will miss her. i am in second grade now!i will like second grade a lot. but i miss Mrs Machol.


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its almost mother’s day! i made her some cool stuff. i love mother’s day and i love everything else.i made 1 thing for every person in my  family.

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my dance performance.

at my dance performance i got to dance on the stag.after we got candy.i love to dance on the stag.i wish heather was there.




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my grandma has a dog named lind.I love her.she has fluffy hare .she is some times really time she got my burrito.

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