Girl Scouts

Yesterday was so much fun! Our family recently got involved with Girl Scouts, and I’m really starting to enjoy it. Yesterday we had a ‘cookie’ meeting, where the lady in charge talked about cookie sales and how to sell them, which are the top sellers, and how the money from the cookie sales help the Girl Scouts. We’ll  have cookie booths that we’ll set up outside grocery stores. She says that she even has giant cookie costumes. It sounded like so much fun, and I can’t wait to get started. There are, like, a ton of different cookies. If anyone wants some, call my dad. The cookies are 3.50$ a box, which might sound like a lot, but every penny goes a long way.

Yesterday, before the cookie meeting, we were looking through our Girl Scout book thingies for different badges that we could do. I wanted to get started on the comic artist badge for my level, and my sisters are doing painting badges. – they’re in different ranks, but Callie has an artist badge and Lucy has a painting badge. I honestly don’t know the difference.- Anyway, we went to the store and got tons of painting supplies, including about 5 different paints, some brushes, a palette for mixing paints, an acrylic paper drawing board, a sketch board, felt pens, and pencils. Then we sat down at home and painted some still life and abstract art. They rock! Callie drew a still life of a coconut, which my dad is hammering open right- ow! a flying piece of coconut shell just hit me in the ear! **$#**%$**!?!?!!Okay, now I’m good.

By the way, has anyone seen Vi Hart’s doodling in math videos? To see them, go onto Youtube and search Doodling in Math or Vi Hart. She is so cool!

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