Geek Squad Academy

So on August 8-9 I went to Geek Squad Academy. You know, those Best Buy guys? It was really fun! We played on xbox,¬†assembled a PC desktop tower, then raced to assemble one against an instructor- who was blindfolded. My team got the best time in the whole group- 3:12!!!!! We also did cool video programming, and awesome digital photography with stop motion animation. We made some really cool stuff. We also got to create our own digital music and save it on our cool flash drive we got, along with a cool tee-shirt, a cool backpack, a cool lanyard with a cool name tag, free lunch both days,-Chick-fil-a! awesome! cool? very cool!- for two days, from 9:00 – 4:00, for ages 9-14. It was held at the children’s discovery gateway¬†museum, in Junior Achievement city. The instructors were very nice and interactive, and I made tons of friends, -one of which you should check out her cool science I am so going next summer!

I should explain the ‘cool’ thing. Every time an instructor said ‘cool’, we got to shout ‘very cool’ as loud as we could. That was definitely one of the best parts about it. We got to be as loud as we wanted!!!

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