The new me

Okay people, I’m back on.  I’m shocked, right? Realizing that all of my former ‘posts’-if you can call them that- are from first or second grade, I decided to make a little update. Like, my name’s Avery, my favorite color’s green, I’m eleven- I know, right? I grow so fast. *sigh*- I’m in fifth grade,- as before, I grow so fast, right?- blah, blah, blah. Now, If anyone besides my parents are reading this, I want you to know that I AM NOT FIVE YEARS OLD! Thank you. So if you reply, which you probably won’t, do NOT say stuff like – ”Oh, baby, you’re growing up so fast! You must be a foot taller than last Christmas!” If you do, I will hunt you down and say something REALLY withering about your last post. It is so degrading. Okay, now that we got that pleasant understanding past us, you probably want to know how school’s going. *Roll eyes*. Well, my school year might have been a little more interesting than others *roll eyes*. As a few of you might know, at the beginning of the school year, my MOTHER – my loving, dear mother- sent me to an awful, awful place. Yes, the charter school. It was a terrible, tiny place – to me at least- with only TWENTY-FIVE kids in each class, with less than three classes in each grade. Most only had one class in each grade. We had to wear dreaded, uncomfortable UNIFORMS, and there was only one time to come and go from school. I had nightmares about it. Most of my valiant protests against this tyranny continued to end with me in tears and mom triumphant. But finally, *sigh of relief* I won over mom with much effort and tears. She called my old beloved Hidden Hollow elementary and I moved back one day later. I found out my teacher was Mr. Crandall- an amazing science whiz, Its hard to believe he is not related to Bill Nye the Science Guy. He even looks a little like him!- And that my next door neighbor and several other old friends were in my class. I fit in again right away. And now I have earned the honer -again- of one of the many class clowns. I love math, science, social studies,-AWESOME!- language arts, and, of course, reading.  Did you know that I have one hundred fifty kids in my fifth grade alone ? That’s more than three grades in the charter school put together. I don’t complain-much- because I love Hidden Hollow, my school since second grade. I recently found out that my great- grandparents, Janet and Lavar Butler (forgive me if I spelled that wrong) know a sixth grade teacher in my school, Mr. Jackson, from their time in England. I think. Anyway, school’s just peachy right now. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

So now, signing off, I hope you liked my first ‘real’ post. Bye for now!

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  1. Brad says on :

    Good to hear from you. I saw your mom’s post about your science fair project. Hannah and I read Mistborn (the first book only) together, and we loved it. Have you read all 3 books? Do you identify with Vin? Which book is your favorite? Have you read Elantris? I really liked that one too. Hannah and I are working on The Well of Ascension, but it’s taking time.
    What else is new? Are you still swimming?
    BTW, you must be growing like a week since the last time we saw you!

  2. Your Mom's friend's huzbund says on :

    Oh, baby, you’re growing up so fast! You must be a foot taller than last Christmas!

    Nice to see you back in the blogernacle. Say ‘hi’ to your dad for me.

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