i need more books!

i  have read all the harry potter books.i need more BOOKS! my favorite kind of book is mystery books .i love books.

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  1. Brad says on :

    Congratulations on finishing those books! That’s pretty impressive. Who is your favorite character? Which is your favorite book?

  2. Grampa says on :

    Dear Avery,

    I, too, am impressed with how well you read. You say you want more books, but it’s hard to buy books for someone else, so I went to Borders and talked to an expert. She suggested two series of books. I looked them over and they seemed interesting, but they had boys for heroes. I asked the expert lady how come no girl heroes? She found me a book with a girl hero, but it may be just a single book, no series.

    So, I put three books in the mail for you. If you don’t like one or all three of them, you can get your Mom, Dad, or both, or anybody else, to take you to the nearest Borders Book Store and trade them in or get cash back. I left the receipt in the package.

    Keep up the good reading, and try writing a story yourself.


  3. Heather says on :

    i got a good mistery book its really good.it made me scared.and i did’nt want to read it.it was a americangirl book! about samantha parkington.an elevater crashes.a raven falls.you got to read it.

  4. Andrea of JOMB says on :


    We would absolutely love it if you or your family would audio record your thoughts on a favourite children’s book so we could include your voice and opinion in an upcoming edition of our program: Just One More Book! A podcast about the children’s books we love and why we love them — recorded in our favourite coffee shop

  5. Hugo Stokes says on :


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