this is me and my sisters.i love them very much.


this is Susan.


and is spot. i love my sisters.

we are cool. we play together,we eat together, we sleep and my sisters.

4 Responses to “me.”

  1. Tara says on :

    You guys are just like my sisters and I were when we were little. It is fun to have sisters. I love my sisters very much too!

  2. Ryan Hyatt says on :

    for cute!

  3. Danielle Hyatt says on :

    Avery J I love to read your blog. You are all such pretty girls. I’m so pleased at how well you get along. I love you!

  4. Heather says on :

    guess ‘what?im adopting a baby girl did i tell you that i post on my moms blog?

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