i made a scratches in my pants while playing lions.

Lucy and my grandpa dressing up.

dscn1995-small.JPG dscn1997-small.JPG

dscn1983-small.JPG dscn1988-small.JPG

Lucy putting on chapstick.


i was pretending to be afraid of mommy at my grandma’s house. it was funny.

i love my cousins. they are kate and mae. and the other one is my sister susan. i love them.

4 Responses to “me”

  1. Tara says on :

    Avery, I think you are getting prettier every day. I love the close up shots of your face. I wish I had freckles like yours. And I like your post way better than your mom’s.

  2. Mommy Jane says on :

    Yes, her captions are funnier (more real?) than mine. She had no interest in writing it until after she saw that I went ahead and posted for her. Then, tantrum of tantrums. Think this technique would work on her homework?

  3. Heather says on :

    rainbows a dog i love fact you are silly.i have a friend her name is whitney is one of my favorites. im in a r my brother is silly

  4. Heather says on :

    a is for avery and silly

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