day at the zoo

when we went to the zoo i got to play on the playground. i got on A pretend spiderweb! i love penguins. i saw penguins at the zoo. we saw a lot of animals at the zoo.

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4 Responses to “day at the zoo”

  1. Brad says on :

    What animals did you see? Lately my favorites are llamas and elephants.

  2. Tracey says on :

    Wow, it looks like you guys had fun at the zoo. When Joseph and I went to the zoo with your mom and sisters, we missed you a lot. But since your teacher sounds so greats, you would have missed out in your class at school if you had come with us. I love your website 🙂

  3. Heather says on :

    hi avery we had so much fun last night we can swing on the swing i like the color blue to win we played fairies at night i loved it im sorry your hand got hurt and i hope you well see me again i hope you’d had a good time to night i can do you like it win your bike falls i like it win you played wiht me

  4. Osika says on :

    thanks for your article….will subscribe to your blob

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